The Sadnai Maritime Heritage Center

One of the most eclectic and exclusive collections of maritime artifacts and valuables in the Mediterranean, the Sadnai Maritime Heritage Center is privately owned and was inspired with a milestone moment in Founder Reuven Sadnai’s life.

At the fresh age of 13, Sadnai started a collection that would continue to grow over his years sailing the seas. A model of a Marcab ship was the gift that sparked Sadnai’s genuine love for sea and maritime collectibles, a token of celebration that a friend graciously bestowed upon him for his bar mitzvah.

In 2012 the collection was moved to its new house, managed by its curator, Mr. Alexander Blokhin, who also contributed handcrafted models of: The R.M. Titanic • The robust 4-mast barque Magdalene Vinnen • The Endurance • The SS France • IJN Yamato • The Flying Cloud Clipper and more!

Antique navigational instruments, ship bells and compasses add a brilliant touch of history to this vast collection, boasting a rich Maritime library of roughly 1000 books, a broad assortment of maritime photographs and artworks, and elaborate paintings that bring the Heritage Center walls to life. For the stamp savvy enthusiasts, there’s no lack of maritime stamps that leave their mark in the collections array of treasures.

The center is located in our Head Office – MaTaM Center, Building 30, Haifa, Israel.