About Us

Our Mission and Goals

With an innovative approach, Coral strives for excellence in the provision of top quality port agency, chartering and strengths are applied to leverage our capabilities, covering a wide range of cargoes and vessels, brokerage, husbandry and ship management services. We believe that every client’s needs are unique, and we strive to exceed expectations to ensure an exceptional level of service for companies importing and exporting goods to and from Israel, as well as to shipowners and suppliers worldwide. Safety is our prime concern, ensuring that all of our staff returns home safely every day.


Knowledge and Experience That Delivers Results

With over 4 decades of serving the Israeli maritime and shipping community and a longstanding track record of expanding and developing services, we employ an excellent team to ensure quality and compliance. Our competative edge is found in our teamwork and experts that make it all happen, as well as our technological resources.

Our dynamic and ever-growing scope of services are designed to meet our customers’ growing needs.

Contact us:

Ashdod Office
Tel: +972-8-852-0998

Head Office (Haifa)
Tel: +972-4-867-1266

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